About us

VSG is a group run for and by its members to meet their needs.

We provide a focal point of knowledge, expertise and proven good practice for managing visitor safety.

We make information available through seminars, site visits, newsletters, e-zines and publications.

A key feature is the sharing of problems and solutions through a powerful networking group. With our broad spread of members, you are likely to find someone else who has dealt with the issues you might encounter.

By working together, we can offer a consistent approach, which helps visitors, and present a coherent view to government and its agencies, like the Health and Safety Executive.

We can support members to find expert witnesses and provide precedents, if they face claims or litigation.

VSG Action Plan (2022-2025)

The VSG Management Board in 2022/23 undertook a process to develop an Action Plan to give focus and direct the work of the Group for the period up to 2025. The process to create this Action Plan included ‘Defining Success’ workshops and a member survey to reach the following objectives:

  • Identify the strengths and areas/opportunities for improvement for VSG
  • Identify needs of the sector and VSG members
  • Review relevance of VSG Aims and Objectives and propose updates if required
  • Identify key themes and actions for a VSG Action Plan (3 years)
  • Discuss delivery mechanisms

Click here to download the: VSG Action Plan 2022-2025


Our workshop programme is highly valued by members. Usually four full meetings are held every year, in March, June, September and early December.

All our workshop meetings are hosted by fellow members. The site visit element is usually very highly valued by the property manager.  It offers an opportunity to obtain expert opinion on any risk management issues on the site from a group of fellow professionals who, more often than not, have faced similar problems elsewhere.

Our Ireland sub-group hosts similar meetings, useful for members who are not able to travel to the UK.

An historic built environment sub-group also offers a site-based workshop programme aimed at the particular needs managing buildings, monuments, archaeological remains, other man-made structures and designed parks and gardens that are historic places of significance.

We also have a small specialist group considering issues around security, terrorism, vandalism and antisocial behaviour setting up a group to look at issues raised.

  • Download the Security Sub Group Terms of Reference.

If you would like to find out more or ask to join any of the above sub groups or are interested in hosting any of these meetings please email Elizabeth from the VSG Secretariat: elizabeth@outdoorrecreationni.com