About us

One of the great strengths of the Visitor Safety Group is the breadth of our membership.

This enables us to develop well-founded and relevant guidance for all types of historic properties and landscapes across Great Britain and Ireland.

We can call upon a depth of experience amongst managers of National Parks, forests and woodlands, country parks and nature reserves. Between us we care for well over 3,000 historic properties.

Our membership includes managers of over a thousand miles of coastline, major inland navigation authorities and water companies, bringing specialist knowledge of managing water safety.

We have significant expertise in managing public access to land listed for its ecological or landscape value, including eleven World Heritage sites.

Over 6.7 million people are enrolled members of our organisations, with 100,000 doing volunteer work on our sites.

If your organisation is listed below as a member you are entitled to a free account to access member only information. To be set up with your own VSG account please email VSG Secretariat Kerry Kirkpatrick: kerry@out-scape.com.