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Get Your Copy of the Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside Publication

  • How do we balance the benefits and risks for visitors to the countryside?
  • What techniques can we use to minimise the risks without spoiling the landscape?
  • How do we meet our responsibilities without taking away people’s sense of freedom and adventure?

The answers are found in the brand-new edition of VSG’s ‘Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside: Principles and Practice’.

Bigger than before, with 106 full colour A4 size pages, it is lavishly illustrated, containing over 100 photographs, case studies and diagrams. The content, drawn from the knowledge and experience of our members, has been fully revised and includes the latest case law. Important new sections look at ways to influence visitor behaviour and provide advice on counter terrorism.

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Accessing soft copies of ‘Managing Visitor Safety in the Countryside’
There is an electronic version of the publication available to VSG members. This version has reduced photograph resolution so that the data size is small enough to work as an email attachment. Access to soft copies will be restricted to the key VSG contact in each of our member organisations. In turn, they handle control and record where the publication is distributed within their organisation.To access a soft copy, please contact the key VSG contact in your organisation. If you unsure who this is, please email Elizabeth who can put you in touch:

VSG COVID-19 Recovery Planning Guidance Published 

This guidance seeks to cover the key areas all landowners and countryside managers will need to consider and assess when re-opening and managing outdoor public access sites / attractions and associated indoor spaces during COVID-19.

The guidance should be underpinned by the regulations, guidance and advice from the relevant Government.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on the sector, VSG has decided to make this guidance FREE FOR DISTRIBUTION so please share with industry counterparts.

VSG Historic Built Environment Publication

The guiding principles and practical risk management techniques covered in this book have been developed and implemented by our members over many years. In this publication VSG show how the principles can be specifically applied in the historic built environment. This is defined as buildings, monuments, archaeological remains, other man-made structures and designed parks and gardens that are historic places of significance.

Our fundamental aim is to identify and promote ways to manage visitor safety that sustain the heritage significance and value to society of historic places. The book does not advise on occupational health and safety in the workplace or the requirements of equality and discrimination legislation, as these are well covered elsewhere.