VSG E-Learning Pilot – Risk Assessments & Inspections

Welcome to VSG’s pilot e-learning module – Risk Assessments & Inspections.

The purpose of this pilot is to showcase e-learning and gain feedback from the VSG membership as to how it meets the following objectives:

  • provide further benefits to an increasing VSG membership
  • meet the challenge of ensuring new members can more readily obtain an understanding of VSG principles and practice
  • improvement the ability for members to disseminate VSG principles and practice throughout their organisations

Your participation in this pilot is your opportunity to give feedback on this module to help inform VSG’s future approach to e-learning. This pilot which will run for two months until 1st September 2022, will test the principle and appetite for e-learning within the VSG Membership. Following the pilot the VSG Board and Secretariat will evaluate and share our future approach.

This pilot module is based on a module developed by one of our members – Forestry and Land Scotland. We are grateful to them for allowing us to adapt their approach for the wider VSG membership. We also thank the VSG Chair and Board for input and in particular Natural Resources Wales for undertaking initial testing. 

This first module by VSG is split into two parts:

Part A – Principles
Part A of this module is designed for those who require an overview of the VSG principles and their relationship to risk assessments and inspections. Part A must be completed along with the quiz before moving onto ‘Practice’ (Part B).

Part B – Practice
Part B of this module is designed for those who will undertake regular risk assessments and inspections. There is also a quiz at the end of this module to test your knowledge.

How this module works

The e-learning pilot is only accessible to VSG Members.  You are therefore required to Sign in (top left) to the VSG website using your username and password in order to access links to the module from this page.

If you are a member and do not have login details please email Jayne Evans from the VSG Secretariat:

Please remain logged in whilst undertaking the e-learning modules.

How to Access E-learning

Once you have completed at least one module (preferably both) please complete the short survey Your responses are anonymous and will be aggregated with all of the other responses.

How to provide feedback

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